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80's Pop & Fairy-kei Style/Fashion!
Welcome to the community for the 80's Pop & Fairy-kei Style/Fashion!

Includes clothing and accessories by Japanese brands;
Monascas Banana, SPANK!, SPANK ME!, and Ticket to Darling.

Mission Statement:
The clothes cover a whole range of styles from the 80's, from girly to punk. Colors run through the whole rainbow spectrum of darks, neons, pastels, and lights. This community isn't about one particular look but what defines the wonderful era of the 80's. Inspiration or even influences can be taken from movies, music, vintage toys, cartoons, etc. This is a place to keep the memory of the 80's alive! ♥

What is Spank!
The shops feature clothes (some second-hand) that reflect the 80's pop style & fashion.
Shops are located in Japan (Tokyo's vintage district).
The wonderful and creative producer/owner is Tabuchi.

[Made by Maga of Spank!]

[Adorable collage made by bunniesandcream]

[Lovely collage made by ___vibrate]

No selling advertisements allowed!! You can @ 80s_cuties
Advertisements for related communities can be posted but you have to contact a Mod first for an "ok".
Please make your images a reasonable size.
Please use a LJ-cut when showing more than one image (for an image outside a cut: 400x400 or smaller).
Please try to stay on topic and be polite at all times to other members.
Please be an active member to keep this community lively and lovely! So post, post, post!

Introduction and joining information:
After joining the community, please take some time out to
make an introduction post by filling out this small questionnaire.
It's so we all can get to know a little about one another here.
Answer as much as possible! Thanks! =)

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Please visit these other (fashion) communities:
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* If you have a related community that would like to be affiliated,
feel free to contact the moderators and we'll be happy to link to you! =)

80's resource sites:
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Frequently Asked Questions:
Have a question? It may have been answered in our informative F.A.Q. Check it out!
Also, don't forget to look in the memories section!

You can also contact your lovely Mods:
sweetestpeach and kyandichan

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Have something Spank!/vintage related you want to sell/trade?

*~*~* You can at 80s_cuties! *~*~*

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