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Bows, mesh, and cuteness. Oh my!
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27th-Apr-2012 12:06 pm(no subject)

Hi hi!!Collapse )
18th-Apr-2012 11:09 pm - SnipSnip 1st Mini Give Away ♥
SnipSnip - 1st  Mini Give Away

join! <3Collapse )

Hello everyone!
The previous outfit contest was a great success and a lot of fun, and this time we have a themed outfit contest!
We're giving away more prizes to the winners, and entering is free so be sure to check our contest out!

Cut for the details and... most importantly, the prizes that you can win! :DCollapse )
8th-Feb-2012 07:27 pm - Fairy Kei For Prom (a idea sparker)
I wrote a blog post last year about making various Japanese Street styles prom appropiate, but by the time I remembered that it would have been good to post it to a fairy kei comm, prom season was long over ;_; I hope some of you will enjoy this post!
6th-Jan-2012 09:56 pm - New Year's Resolution Contest!
My blog, The Elegant Wardrobe, is having a contest right now! All you have to do is post in the comments of the post linked here with your email address and your New Year's Resolution. My blog is mostly Lolita-focused, but I'm starting a bit of a fairy kei wardrobe and so that's been working it's way in little by little. The main reason that I'm posting this here is the prize. The prize is a handmade, customizable Chocomint-inspired two-way clip. If you win, you'll get to choose the shape, color(s) and decorations! I hope you check it out!
17th-Dec-2011 11:56 am - Too Bright For Fairy Kei?
Coordinate advice?Collapse )
Hi everyone! I wasn't sure if it was okay to do this or not here but I'm really interested in the fairy-kei fashion and other fashion similar to it, and I made a community for bedrooms/spaces inspired by such fashions after finding some pictures on the internet. Well if you'd like to join please do and let your friends know. I'd love to see everyone's fairy-kei/lolita-inspired spaces! princess_spaces
22nd-Nov-2011 03:19 pm(no subject)
hello my darlings!!!
since the older popkeivalentines never updated, i throught i would make a new one: http://popkei-valentines.tumblr.com/ its such a lovely idea, it shouldn't be forgotten!!!

and the owner of the last one: please tell me if i should take it down!!! ;3; 

    anyways, i also went to j-popcon and wore some different outfits.... even through i only got a snap of my fairy kei outfit!read more...Collapse )
Hello everyone! Lockshop received four lovely new wigs quite recently and to celebrate that we're having a contest that is focussed oon a couple Japanese fashion styles, including Fairy-Kei! So I hope to see many lovely entries from you guys too! :)
You're not required to own anything from my store to be able to enter, it's all just for fun!Cut for the contest, with lovely prizes!Collapse )

13th-Nov-2011 02:35 pm - Bags
I've recently gotten into painting my own tote bags to go along with spank! and fairy kei styles and wanted to share them with you!

One more under this cut! And a larger pic of that first oneCollapse )
30th-Oct-2011 08:57 pm(no subject)
Lack of updates here, huh?
Well, I have some outfits that I want to show to you! 
Ticket to Darling? Picture heavy! Collapse )
Thanks for looking!  Please check out my blog Spankgirl
Kanon, Gabber
30th-Oct-2011 09:36 am(no subject)
hello guys!!! 
long time no see!!! im here to show you some pics of my recent outfits!!
WARNING!!! very picture heavy!!!Collapse )

17th-Oct-2011 09:37 am - Want to Model for Spank?!

I hope this is okay to post here, read the rules, didn't say other wise.

I'm part of this community and also co-own BubblePunch, which has helped produce various fun parties in the Los Angeles area, often involving Japanese fashion/pop culture.

This year for the Sweet Streets Art & Fashion Exhibit, SPANK! and Chubby Bunny are having a model contest for their debut fashion show!
So if you are interested, please check out the contest rules/entry at their facebook event!


You will have a chance to meet Tavuchi and be styled in both SPANK! and Chubby Bunny exclusive collaboration items that are being released for this show (takes place on Nov 19th at WWA Gallery in Culver City, Ca).

Since it wasn't posted here, I figure some of you girls might be interested in this opportunity to work with Tavuchi/Spank!

This is Tavuchi's first fashion show in the USA, so I hope that many of you who can make it or want to enter the contest, WILL.


Netherfield Ball
22nd-Sep-2011 08:53 pm - ☆ミGiveaway on my blog
☆ミ Check my blog ♥ 
Giveaway big lot Fairy kei ​☆ミ


11th-Sep-2011 12:18 pm - Birthday Outfits~ ☆ミ

Sailor Moon~
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