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Spank! Love
Bows, mesh, and cuteness. Oh my!
Links to fairy kei shops and beginners guides? 
15th-May-2012 03:19 pm

I want to start with Fairy kei. I already wear Lolita, but really like the fairy kei coords. I already own the cute bags, parka's and skirts.
I want to know wear to buy the cute sneakers and leggings/stockings/panty's, also the cute shirts.

Would love some links to shops and beginner guides.

15th-May-2012 03:31 pm (UTC)
Sneakers is the most difficult thing, my fave ones are the Milkfed x Reebok collab but theyre kinda difficult to find and not too cheap. If you look on ebay you might find some. Type 'Reebok pastel' and stuff like that. Otherwise it's generally looking around at sneakers stores and seeing if they have some pastel colours. places like Osiris and Glam Pie Hi-tops sometimes are good. Swimmer makes some nice stuff too but often not on their webshop (they had some strawberry sneakers). I like some of the shirts from Listen Flavor and Banana Fish which is unfortunately now non-existant but you can find some second hand. Obvious suggestions like Spank Me! But personally I find them too expensive. Then of course, try thrift/second hand stores, lots of ebay, mbok, you'll find a thing or two, look for 80's vintage, disney characters, etc. I recently got some very Fairy-kei workable tights from comm_sales part of a GO, Melty Star tights, here http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kawaii-Carnival/120483074702221. Good luck!
15th-May-2012 06:30 pm (UTC)
Tights, specifically:
- Sweetie Cakes
- Holley Tea Time
- Kawaii Carnival

Brands I love:
- Milklim for shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, skirts, etc.
- ManiaQ, mostly known for their panniers and backpacks, but they also have bloomers and shirts/sweatshirts
- Galaxxxy has some cute tops/bottoms you can incorporate

Cute shirts:
- Kawaii Goods
- Meltydream @ Skreened

I got sneakers from here before but while they're completely sold out now in every color they might re-stock so try checking back? They've also got some other sneakers you can probably use as well. SWIMMER also has cute sneakers but I think they might be hard to get a hold of, though you can probably do some mbok/YA!J stalking.

Also agree with Listen Flavor! Maybe Super Lovers as well? I like some of their tops.
7th-Apr-2013 06:04 pm (UTC)
Hey you sound like me :) good luck with your outfits :3
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